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I first met Ann in 1996 while she  was hosting two open houses on the same street in midtown. I was visiting from Montgomery and unable to get the listing agent of another home to show the property and asked Ann if she would mind showing the home after she finished her open houses . On a cold February Sunday night we looked at and made an offer on the house. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and a long list of purchases and sales. Ann has always been available ; during family crises......hers and mind.....through thick and thin. We have written or accepted offers  at 10 p.m, on major holidays, on kitchen countertops, on porches and via fax and email. Ann has consistently assisted me in finding the right person for each situation we encountered whether it be a mortgage, home inspector or a handy man. She has been an inspiration, a true professional and a dear friend.

-Susan L.



Ann Eastburn and I have been friends since we were twelve.  She has always been the most honest, forthright person that I have ever known. She tells the truth even if it hurts!! I have worked with Ann on several real estate transactions over the years. She has handled each one with her same conscientious way. She has a passion for matching the right house and the perfect buyer. Choose Ann as your agent. You won't regret it.

-Maria C




I have a lot of respect and admiration for Ann Eastburn.  I first met her in 2006.  We were moving to Mobile and my new employer referred us to her for assistance with finding the perfect home for our young family.  I recall that my first impression was that she a) had a thorough knowledge of the real estate markets in Mobile and Baldwin counties and b) had a competitive spirit and knew how to navigate the people side of real estate with aplomb.  Over the years, I’ve experienced nothing to sway me from that initial impression, but I’ve learned that she also has a quality to her personality that’s all too rare in today’s sales world.  Ann Eastburn cares about her clients.  She will be relentless in making sure that you have the best house buying/selling experience as is possible.



A couple of years after we purchased our home, we approached Ann again about helping us to find a larger home for our growing family.  This happened to be just after the housing bubble began to break, and the housing market certainly wasn’t a ‘seller’s market’.  It took some time to find a buyer, but that was true of everyone else trying to sell their home in the region.  Ultimately, Ann was able to find a buyer for our first home due almost exclusively to her excellent connections and networking.  I’m confident that if we had another realtor or had tried to sell our home on our own, it would have been a very different outcome.



We learned in 2011 that our work was going to take us away from Alabama, so we had to sell our second Alabama home just 2 years after we purchased.  We knew the market was much more brutal than it was in 2009 and that we were going to have to pull out all of the stops and also put ourselves in the hands of a realtor we could trust to sell the home as quickly as possible.  We didn’t blink.  Ann was the only choice.  In the end, it was her ingenuity and connections that helped us sell our 15 year old home when there were 400 others in the region of similar size and price.  I am grateful to her and give her my highest recommendation.

-Chris M.